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Phone Tutorial

Saturday, April 12th, 2008

Go me!!! Hey there Fantagians! Today I have a Tutorial for you guys. We’ve been getting a lot of emails asking us about the Fantage Phone and how to use it, so for all of you that had questions, hopefully this answers them. :D Try not to text too much, your hands will start to cramp and hurt!



Phone Tutorial 1
Phone Tutorial 2
Phone Tutorial 3
Phone Tutorial 4
Phone Tutorial 5
Phone Tutorial 6
Phone Tutorial 7
Phone Tutorial 8
Phone Tutorial 9

New Creature Set!

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

Go me!!! Hey all! Welcome back, today I have a leak of the new creature set! Can’t show you what they look like yet, you’re gonna have to use your imaginations on this one. I know some of you know about Mr. Blob, but what about the others? They’re all totally cute, I cant wait to transform into my favorite one (that’s a secret for now! haha!)

Creature Leak
For those of you that are artistic, feel free to email with your creature edits. Please make sure to put ‘Creature Edit Contest’ in the subject or it might get lost!
Here are the outlines for you guys to play around with. Please note that you HAVE to use the line EXACTLY, nothing outside the line, no blank space inside the line. Our staff at Fantage will pick 3 lucky winners who will get a special feature on our blog! In your email you should include your Fantage username, your email address, your creature’s name and inspiration for your creature! Awesome, right? Go for it!!!

Creature Edit Bases

Forest Preview

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

Go me!!! Hi Everyone! Today I have some awesome screenshots for you! I have a preview of the forest area! It should be released next weekend if all goes according to plan. They have to relocate some of the wildlife so it’s safe for Fantagians to travel. There are some really creepy critters out there…. Especially the chickens… Anyway! I also got a peek at the ID card for one of the NPCs that will be hanging out in the Forest! She’s a really sweet girl, so I hope you guys treat her nice once the Fantage Forest Relocation Project is complete! Make sure to take your stuff with you, we don’t want to clutter up our gorgeous forest with litter!

Forest Preview 1

Forest Preview 2

Forest Preview 3

Forest Preview 4

Forest Preview 5

Forest Preview 6

Here’s the ID card for Lily the Fairy! She’s so awesome!

NPC Lily's ID card

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