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New Releases!

Sunday, May 18th, 2008

Go me!!! Hello Fantagians! I’m here with some news! This is gonna be a small update, but with a lot of info! :D

New Rare items will be released
The Comet will be updated later this week
New Creatures will be released
The winners of the Comic and Fashion contests have been chosen

Also, I’ve been getting some questions about the gems in the forest area. Non members can get gems. They can also get some rare items. I should also mention that the rare items aren’t just random items, but sets! Take a look:
New Rare Set

See? Pretty neat huh? Also, the items that were pixeled from the Fashion Contest will be available to all members. Don’t worry if you didn’t win, there will be a new contest and comic template with the newspaper update, so there will be plenty of chances for you guys to showcase your creativity! We’re also working on another new area, new games and more items! Yay!

Ooh! Here’s a little something for you guys to see! A peek at the sketch for the inside of the Grotto! :D

Grotto Sketch

Looks pretty cool, right? Hope you guys enjoy it when it comes out!
Thanks for stopping by!
♥ Himani

Contest Results and Item Leak!

Sunday, April 13th, 2008

Go me!!! Hey everyone! Welcome back! Today I announce the results of the contest, thank you so much to everyone for participating! It was a hard choice, but us folks here at Fantage feel confident that we picked the best of the best! Hopefully our next contest will be even more fun! Please stay tuned for that and thank you again!♥

Here are the Winners! Each winner will receive 1000 StarS!

 Winning Entry by Foolish
DinDin, Hamarer, TutTut, Octostash, Snaw, Cucumy, Mushy& Mr.Blob by Foolish

 Winning Entry by Wind
Creatures by Wind

 Winning Entry by Dina
Dino, Cornelius, Chucky, Oswald, Racer and Stubs by Dina

EDIT OHMIGOSH!!! I am SO sorry to Lissiecutie! She won and I forgot to put her entry up!! Here you go! Please forgive me :(

 Winning Entry by Lissiecutie
Feary, Soar, Blub and Wart by Lissiecutie

Runners Up will receive 500 StarS!

 Runner Up Entry by Elsarose
Hippie Gippie Giraffe by Elsarose

 Runner Up Entry by Bluedove2897
Creatures by bluedove2897

Here are the leaks for the new items that are about to come out! I love that Indian Sari! :D

New Items
Here I am wearing a red babydoll and pink shorts with white leggings! I love that pizza board! YUM! My friend is wearing the Stylish Vest and Grey Corduroys! I hope he doesn’t get a paper cut from that Paper Airplane Board! YIKES!

New Items
Here I am in my favourite, the Indian Sari! My friend is totally rockin’ it with his Gakuran (Japanese School Uniform), and Red Convertible! It’s soo fast!!!

New Creatures
Hehe! I couldn’t resist! Here are the first two creatures that are going to be released from that set! Aren’t they ADORABLE? :D

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