What a great idea. Thanks alot.
people, people, i know about the new stuff...... I CALL THEM TO BE ALL MINE FIRST!!!!!!!
omg that was so easy
Rent House
Thanks for sharing ideas.
i really love fantage oh and can u plzzzzzzzzzzzzz make cupcakes97111 be a member i know her in real life ...
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NEW Clothes, Hair, Boards, Rares, and Moodies.. Oh my!

September 17th, 2010
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Hey everyone! Happy beginning of Fall! To celebrate the season change, we have a ton of Autumn inspired items for you to wear when you go back to school! First up, go to Le Shop to check out the newest collection of cute, but spunky styles for the Fall season! Then, head over to the salon to see which new hairdos you want to sport on your first week of school! Michael at the board shop is featuring a cool Cityscape animated board. Don’t forget about moodies—-we have a cute little acorn for you to show your love for Fall!

In stock are also a few new *luxury* items! Go to the shops now to see which new items are luxury!

Don’t forget to stop by and see Orion over at the Wizard’s Domain–he has re-stocked his domain with TONS of RARE ITEMS! I’m telling you, even his wizard buddies would be impressed! Stop by one of our new gem machines located in Beach, Downtown, and Uptown to get some gems, then head over to Orion to pick up the newest items!

wow cool
Lavonda Jester
Wow, great post Thanks for sharing !
cool................go the lady
people im ben and wats ur name
wowowowoowow i finishe it :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:DD:D:D:D luv the board lol the monkey is sooo adorable :)
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Ninjas… Pirates… Secret Agents…

September 16th, 2010
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The time has finally arrived…for you and your fellow agents to defeat Jean and his evil ninja monkeys in the newest mission, Ancient Artifact: Part II! When last we left, Fox the Archeaologist and Secert Agent Scarlet were about to experience a surprise attack from Jean and his ninja minions. In this mission sequel, Jean and his cronies are able to claim the artifact (oh no!). It is your duty to Agent Scarlet, the Pirate, and to all Fantagians to rescue the artifact from Jean’s unclean hands…

Before you prepare to battle, Agent, please read this message from Jean himself…

What took you so long?

I’ve been waiting for you.

Luckily, I’ve had your friends to keep me company…

I see you have brought help…

Do you think that’s enough to stop me?

Are you really ready for this?

When you complete the Ancient Artifact: Part II mission, you will receive this NEW mission medal to show off on your IDFone! After you complete the mission, go to Downtown or Uptown to unlock the ability to buy the Ninja Monkey Board! Flying around on this board will show everyboday that YOU completed the mission!

hey people put the party started
this is cool the it will be lots of fun.
Val Stagman
Keep up the good work guys!
wow that medoal rocks
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Fall 2010 Friendship Medal!

September 14th, 2010
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The Fall season  has arrived, which means it’s time to introduce a NEW Invite-a-Friend medal! Invite ONE of your friends to join Fantage to receive this special, limited edition medal! To have this golden maple leaf added to your IDFone, first click the “Invite-a-Friend” icon at the botton of your screen. Then, enter in ONE of your friend’s email addresses into the empty field. Make sure to pick a friend that you think would *love* playing on Fantage! After your friend plays for just ONE HOUR, you will receive this NEW medal on your IDFone! It’s that simple!

After you receive this medal, what is the *first* fun activity you plan to do with your friend on Fantage?

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