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I would be awesome if you could point me in the direction of a good platform.
i LOVE EVERYTHING! (in fantage)
karmaloop codes
I like your blog & will bookmark it.
Madlyn Plumb
I value the article post.Thanks Again.
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Spring IDFone Items!

April 13th, 2011
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Hey everyone! It’s me, Static! I just got a shipment in of brand new IDFone items! Why don’t you stop by and check out the latest craze in stickers, sticker sets, wallpapers, skins, and sticker pages! Whether you want to give your IDFone a little pick-me-up with some of our coolest new skins and papers OR if you want to show your buddies you care by sending them some stickers, we have it all!

Brand new stickers are here for Spring! Grab ‘em while their hot! 

Two new IDFone skins and matching wallpapers are available!

Click to play on Fantage.com!

awwie! When was that!?!??! Uhg it seems like i miss everything but this,this is totally EPIC STUFF! :/
that. was. the. bomb. !!! do that freebie things again!
AWESOME. Thank you:)
today marks one of the best days in fantage history ive never seen so many happy nons me included i ...
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Star & Gem Freebie Week!

April 8th, 2011
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From Friday (4/8) - Thursday (4/14), receive FREE Stars and Gems over at Downtown and Uptown! Each day, ALL users will be able to collect a special gift of both Stars and Gems. Each day will reveal an even better gift than the previous day! On Thursday (4/14), you will receive a bonus gift, the amount depending on how many days you collected your gift. Collect your gift many days in a row to receive a BIG bonus!

To celebrate free gems week, we have released new rare items! Go to Wizard’s Domain today to get these latest trends!


Click to play on Fantage.com!

London Calling
Maribeth Ocana
Thank for your content. It's work!
i m member i get all the hair still every month iget coin
hahhaha i get that still becou am member and i get all fantage stuff and ...
hhhahahh am member and i get that stil
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New Arrivals: Stellar Salon & Le Shop!

April 6th, 2011
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Stella and Michelle have restocked their shops with tons of new items for Spring! Style your lovely locks to like a bonafide pop star with our newest luxury hair for girls—Candy Pink Pigtails! For boys, we have a rather fancy and  suave Messy Blonde look. Matching clothes are also available for purchase over at Le Shop!

Check out the latest selections in Fantage style! Not to mention new lower prices!


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