Awesome! I really want the trade n sell to come out!
I love these new ID fones. If they were rated on a scale of 1-10 it would be 10 TOTALLY.
um it says you can qualify to get IDphone freebies how do you qualify?
i love the new IDfone its so cooler then the other one the other one was so last season know ...
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Static Has Upgraded Your IDFone!

September 21st, 2012
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Attention all Fantagians! Static has been busy cooking up something extra special for you guys…a NEW IDFONE! Log in now to check out our brand new IDFone style! Not only has Static upgraded the look of himself, the shop, and your fone…he has even added on more features for you to enjoy! Now, you can show everyone your feelings and favorite things by using our Profile App! Our new IDFone Inventory (Customize) will allow you to save all of your skins, wallpapers, sticker pages, and accessories. No more temporary purchases for IDFone! Woopah!

And don’t worry…if you already owned a skin, wallpaper, or sticker page, you will receive free ones when you click yourself for the first time. That way it’s fair for everybody! =)

Check out how some of our Fantagians have decked out their fones already!

Hello fans!
i like how u level up more with this quiz! and it so makes me feel smarter lol
This thing is absolutely amazing, gaining more levels!
Lol l love math am realy smart loooopoooool
hey so im not on Fantage a lot but i think its really easy
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Daily Quiz is Here!

September 14th, 2012
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Are you up to taking a Daily Quiz every day?! Starting from 9/13, you will have the chance to solve mind-boggling puzzles, tough trivia questions, and more! You will reap great rewards from solving the daily quiz such as Stars and a cool Medal! The more you play, the more medal levels you will earn! Regular member can earn up to 50 levels and Premium Members can earn up to 300 levels! Make sure you try to solve one each day to earn the MAX amount of levels!

love it
let this thing go on
cute and love it
i see myself! and my bff
heck yea finaly something fun to do with friends
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Rock N’ School Party 2012 is Here!

September 6th, 2012
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Grab your books, pencils, and binders and get on the school bus because it’s back to school time on Fantage! Are you ready to have some fun? We will have tons of fun activities for you to do during our back to school event! Ride the school bus and answer trivia questions to earn Stars! Next, play Simon Says wearing cool new school uniforms! We can’t wait to see you there!

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