when can we be a waitor and or waittress
When will Fantage put waiters and waitresses in the restaurant? It's already past the cruise ship thingy and there's still ...
hiii I lov this game ll flips hair ll lol
purplepanda 2076 do u want to be my friend
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Ahoy Fantage Cruise is Here!

July 19th, 2012
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Ahoy Fantage cruise party is now released! Our Cruise ship “Sea Breeze” has been docked at the beach! Head on board to play our new game, “Jelly Shuffle”! You can also check out the new Limited Items that let you ride waves in Uptown and Downtown! Just walk over to the water ripple wearing one of the new surf boards to ride the waves!

And Coming Soon! Be a waiter or waitress on board the Sea Breeze’s NEW Restaurant!

umm how do you invite a friend someone plz tell me im level 964 and i wanna be a level ...
YEAH!!!!!!!!!! IM SOO EXCITED!! ECOINZ ROCK AND SO DOES FANTAGE!!!!!I luv the new earn e coins I got a ...
WHOA! sellina2134 you stay up late im only suppose to go to bed at 11:30
im never getting of or quit fantage my user is barbie67589 of course my level 727 ive been playing on ...
OMG! i love this system i got 100 ecoins!
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New Invite-a-Friend Features!

July 11th, 2012
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Hey guys! Our invite-a-friend system has gotten even better! Now when you invite a friend and they stay logged in for one hour, you can win a free Tee Shirt, plus eCoins! The more friends you invite, the more you will win! Don’t hesitate—invite your friends to join Fantage today!

i cant wait to get new pet
omg luv rosie she is so cute! she by far is my fav pet she rocks:)
i got all the pets there so cool!
when is the waitors thing coming out
omg! i love the new pet rosie! i was hoping fantage would make a horse pet because i love horses!
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Pet Playtime Event is Now Released!

July 11th, 2012
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Pet Playtime Event is Now Released!Get ready to have a fun time with your pets AND hatch a brand new one! Our new pet, Rosie, is a fun-loving pink and white pony that is joining the Holiday Pet Family! Play with Holiday Pets in pet games to win prizes and a medal. Level up +1 for playing with each holiday pet. If you walk a pet, you can be featured on the Jumbotron in Downtown! We can’t wait to see you there!

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