It's Good~
umm fantage can you PLEASE help me on something..... I Need Help About ''Turkey Trouble'' i tried finding the ...
Er I really can't see where to buy those admin items.
How can we see your latest items? I'm confused :(
i neave looked oops plz get more in
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Fantage Sold Items now at the Trade N’ Sell!

November 2nd, 2012
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m_characterpeabodyHey Fantagians! M & Peabody2 here, your most famous admins! We will now be selling our wishlist items at the Trade N’ Sell! Hurry on over and buy them before they sell out! Just look for our names on the price tags! You’ll just love buying these items…after all, the pros know what they’re talking about! Head on over to Trade N’ Sell now to see what our latest items are! See you there!






Can't you just send an trade to someone ?My trade got declined because I couldn't find the item she wanted ...
Might Do It
where do you get the template and how do u upload
TTnTT i wanna draw it but im not a mem and its too late
can we do it again cuz i missed and i want my itum on my fave website!!!
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This Friday: YOUR Fan Art Can Become Items in Fantage!

October 31st, 2012
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Michelle here, letting you know that we have a cool surprise coming this Friday!

Submit your FAN ART this week and we’ll choose items that YOU guys make and our designers will turn them into new limited items! To submit your Fan Art, click on the Comet and click on submissions. Submit your Fan Art and our team will pick the top designs, then turn your art into actual items Fantagians can buy and wear! We will also make sure that everybody knows whose art inspired the items!

Don’t hesitate—break out your crayons, open up Paint or Photoshop and get crackin’ on your newest idea for Fantage fashion!

*In order for your submission to be eligible to win, you must be a premium member*

hi i would like to sign up but i cant for some kind of reson
oh thank you for advice now i know ^_^
Only we play it one iphone or its okay with i pod and i pad ???
When I get to the boss levels I can play it but when I die it exits me out and ...
The crashing problem is solved!
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Wild Runner: A Possible Solution for Crashing Issues!

October 19th, 2012
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Hey guys! Are you experiencing crashing issues while trying to play our new app Wild Runner? Some of the older versions of iPhone and iPod that are not supported by the app may cause your device to experience memory issues. You can possibly fix this issue by closing other running applications in order to ease the crashing issue on your device.

Don’t know how to close other applications and stop them from running? Here’s how!

We hope that these steps will help Wild Runner perform better on your device. If this solution did not help, then we recommend playing on a more recent version of iOS or device.

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