im ganna download this!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am getting this app on my kindle
i love it
me love fantage
i love fantage and this game is soo fun i play this every single day !!
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Wild Runner: New Mobile App is NOW RELEASED!

October 16th, 2012
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Hey guys! Exciting news is here! Our brand new mobile app Wild Runner is now available at the Apple App Store!

Here’s the scoop. A long time… an evil tornado was unleashed upon the land. Magical moonstones at hand, the sages managed to seal off the evil tornado! But recently, another evil being broke the seal on the tornado‚Äôs tomb, setting it free and scattering the moonstones… Like the sages had done before, Snowball must now find moonstones once again, but he needs your help!

These outfits are so cool! Pink and Blue a way of style! Also when i go on my account my ...
i never tried it but it seems cool thank u fantage !
Me too!!!! :D
I think these new items will be VERY cool. :)
the boards are so nice ! i loved the police man ! so cool thnx fantage very nice fantage ) ...
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Military Style Limited Items for Autumn! On Sale Now!

October 12th, 2012
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There is a chill in the air and we need some clothes to keep warm! Michelle has been working hard trying to come up with the perfect look for Autumn! Check out the latest in Fall Fashion…the brand new military style! Choose from a variety of cool styles and colors. We hope you enjoy these items as you take in the fresh Autumn air in Fantage!

Take a peek at the items below! Which one is your favorite?

How do i know if someone wants to trade with me????
i traded some of my favorite stuff to some person but they didnt decline or accept, will my offer ever ...
I like the shop but I have no idea how to post an item in the shop for trade or ...
I know i love :D the new place, trade and sell. Thank you fantage!
When someone accepts another trade for the item that I traded for, I don't get my items back.. Help? Thanks -Valmca
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Trade n’ Sell: New Shop Released!

October 12th, 2012
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Hello Fantagians! It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! You can now Buy, Trade, and Sell your Fantage items at the new Trade n’ Sell shop over in Uptown! Victoria has transformed her Vintage Shop into a haven for all of you Fantagians to finally get the items you want and sell off what you don’t!

Trade and Sell up to 10 items of your choosing with your friends! Now you can finally buy that Beta Crown you’ve always wanted! ;)

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