I love fantage!
Lol thx fantage !!!!Hi to everyone
good job guys! hope there's more updates coming soon!!! ~boltandsonic10
ohh cool game too XD AWESOME
luv fantage!
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Q-Blast Cosmos: New Q-Blast Map & Character!

September 18th, 2014
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Log into Fantage now to play Q-Blast Cosmos! This new Q-Blast map will hurl you into the far reaches of the galaxy! Play as a new character, Pixey the Alien, and achieve victory in outer space! With an all-new map to choose, we are sure you will find adventure and fun with Q-Blast Cosmos! Enjoy!

New Q-Blast Cosmos themed limited items are also available!

fantage is awesome!!! xD
fantage is awesome
i have been playing fantage for long time now almost 2 years its just really a great game.
I love fantage!! I will play it ever and ever!! LOL OwO!!
fantage is really awesome
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Book It or Bucket It Chat Feature: Now Released!

September 12th, 2014
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Our Book it or Bucket quiz game now has a new Chat Feature! Now you can use the chatting feature to help your friends, strategize against opponents or just chat with other players during the game.  Play in all of our categories such as History, Geography,  Science,  Music, and more. Don’t forget to check out our all new “GAME” category, when you head over to the School Gym to play with your friends!

Try it out and let us know what you think!


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Back 2 School Event: Now Released!

September 5th, 2014
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Fantage Back 2 School Event

Join the fun and check out our new Back 2 School event that features a new quiz game: Book it or Bucket! Head over to the Fantage School Gym and play our new quiz game that lets you compete with other Fantagians for stars and levels. The more rounds you win, the more you’ll be able to level up your metal. You can also win cool prize items from the new game. Don’t miss out on all the new limited items on sale, so that all Fantagians can look too cool for school!


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