awesome! this is better then last year(s) event(s)! but what about the snow?! it’s almost spring, so when is the ...
Wow great...
i am going to dye my hair
no comments ............
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Hair Dye Feature: Now Released!

March 20th, 2014
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All Premium Members will be able to dye their all hair items starting Thursday! Ever have a favorite hair, but you just wish it was in a different color? You’ll be able to change it! Check it out now by clicking on your inventory! This is a permanent feature! Hair dye is temporary and will revert back to normal when you log out. If you enter a Fashion Show, you will not lose your dyed hair, but it will revert temporarily back to its natural state.

Have fun switching up your hair color with other Fantagians!

Cool! Thats kind of health dudes
I love being a pm and please take that red chat update off
Cool! I havent come on Fantage in ages! A friend from another game reminded me about it and when i ...
thank you so much fantage happy 6th anniversary.i love fantage
Happy 6th Anniversary Fantage!! Can't wait for our new event!!! Fun Amazing Natural Terrific Awesome Game Exciting to!!
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Germ Busters: Now Released!

March 13th, 2014
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Get NEW rare items to fight germs that are taking over Fantage! Head on over to the Carnival or Wizard’s Domain to fight pesky pink germs. Go to Orion’s Rare Finds with gems to get germ-busting items! Don’t worry, we have a variety of germ-busting items including one you only need sapphires for. See you on Fantage!

LEVEL UP +30 LEVELS by fighting germs in Fantage!

I don't really like the new chat update, especially since when I say appropriate things [I always do], it won't ...
Wow, this is so cool!
Where is the theater ? If you find me in Fantage friend me
cant wait for tomorrow!!! if im correct 2morrow every1 gets mem ship for like 9 days now my other acc ...
Can you please drop the target score from 20,000 to 15,000 for Pearly Pop?
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Theater Week: Now Released!

March 6th, 2014
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Theater Week has arrived in Fantage! Zack is holding an event over at the Theater where every Fantagian regardless of membership status can utilize a temporary Wardrobe feature identical to the Dressing Room where you can wear ANY item in Fantage for a short time. While this event is going on, we will be holding a YouTube video contest!

Make a video at the Theater this week for a chance to win prizes!

Check out the event details here!

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