now i am
i haven't play fantage yet
yea okie @namine20 i will be patient :)
I love FANTAGE!!!!!!!
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Ultimate Game Card Alert!

June 11th, 2014
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Attention Fantagians:
Last day to redeem your activated Ultimate Game Cards (UGC) codes on Fantage will be September 30, 2014!
According to the Ultimate Game Card site, they are retiring and customers will no longer be able to buy Ultimate Game Cards after August 15, 2014. For more information, please visit the Ultimate Game Card website at: http://ultimategamecard.com/index.html

As a result, in the next few months, we can no longer accept their game cards as a form of payment on our website. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our users. However, you can still enjoy all the awesome benefits of being a Premium Member and using Gold and eCoins by exploring all of our available payment methods. Please visit our “how to pay” page to learn more!

I love going on this BLOG!
hai fantage!, oki so i have to say i love fantage and i know fantage is also on the tablet ...
its a lovely game that i ever play before. its have fun,creativity,lesson,rules,friends and many more i love this game. my ...
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Special TRANSFORMATION SETS in Cody’s Crazy Combos!

June 5th, 2014
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We’ve added some all new combo sets to Cody’s Crazy Combos! These items are super special because when you wear all 5 items in a set you will transform into a whole new avatar! With the first set you will be able to combine your items to turn into a huge Godzilla-like monster! With the second set, you will be able to look completely different with an all new avatar style!

You’ll need GOLD to use Cody’s Crazy Combos! Pick up some gold and head over to Downtown or Uptown today!

I want gold so badly and i don't have a lot of Ecoins either
i need gold desperately :(
I want gold but I cant buy any and i dont want to waste my ecoins.. :|
i logged on few days earlier to trade some items but i seriously couldnt find the trade and sell....i wonder ...
maybe fantage can make some type of game to earn gold easier instead of buying gold
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MyMALL & Cody’s Crazy Combos: Now Released!

May 29th, 2014
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Welcome to MyMALL, a place in Fantage where you can buy and sell items!

You can use our newest luxury currency called “GOLD” to be able to have your very own selling kiosk in MyMALL! Other Fantagians with Gold can buy items from you and vice versa. Have too much Gold and need eCoins? There is a Gold to eCoin exchange counter inside of MyMALL. We hope you enjoy buying and selling inside of MyMALL. Happy shopping! :)

You will need GOLD to buy and sell at MyMALL. Learn about GOLD and buy it below.

Buy GOLD here!

How to Sell:

1. Get some GOLD first from the link above

2. Go to MyMALL located in Uptown

3. Buy a 1 DAY, 3 DAY, or 7 DAY business permission in the Lobby

4. Click on an empty kiosk (example below) and place your items for sale

5. Enjoy!


Take a try at Cody’s Crazy Combos a brand new feature where you can win items! Draw cards from this magical machine to win items! Some items make up parts of item combinations, that when combines give you amazing super powers such as Magical Invisibility, ability to go out of bounds, and a cool Fashion Show Boost! Check all of that and more on Fantage now!

Buy GOLD here!

Buy GOLD first in order to use Cody’s Crazy Combos! Then, draw a card! It’s so simple! No matter what, you will ALWAYS receive an item. Some items are special and part of COMBINATIONS. When you wear all 5 combination items together you will receive a SPECIAL EFFECT on your avatar!

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