Kristianhayward add me and when your ready to meet reply back.
Fantage, I love it. But we need funner events! they didn't even have a valntine's event!
xD fantage is genius and im genius xD
xD fantage is awesome
Fantage is cool!
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Winter Freeze: Now Released!

January 23rd, 2014
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Head on over to the Beach to check out the Ice Rink! Wear an ice skating outfit and hit the START button to do a cool action! Want to play hockey? Pick up a hockey costume and head right on over to the rink to hit the puck around! For more news, you can now grow special limited crops over at your Farm! Grow new trees for winter…a Freezia and a Peppermint Pine!

Check out all of the Fantagians skating around the rink during the Winter Freeze event!

Hello!! I am fishy! (Lol) you may have heard of meh!! Add Meh! I am awesome! I
cool sounds like fun sooooooooo cool
that was kinda weird but I guess I liked it!!!!
I love fantage is cool.
I love fantage. what a cool place to play!!!!!!!!!! and I just started today!!
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Snowman Showdown: Now Released!

January 16th, 2014
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The “Snowman Showdown” event has been released! Get ready for the challenge of a lifetime! A challenge for Orion and Gizmo that is! Orion and Gizmo are going head-to-head in the Fantage Snowman Building Contest and it’s up to you to pick a side! Take part in the Orion vs. Gizmo snowman building game to earn tickets! Head on over to the Ticket Booth to exchange your tickets for price items. Limited items and a medal will be available too! See ya there!

Check out Parts 1 & 2 of the Snowman Showdown movie clips! Leave a comment in the comments section!

hey michelle!how come your name is michelle?how old are you?and what is your last name?
hi every body to agentscalet can't you do something else then spying
I told all my friends about this awesome website it is amazing one of my friends joined
We should REALLY have jobs in Fantage. And I think we should have band shirts. Like, Falling In Reverse and ...
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Exclusive Q&A Session with Michelle!

January 13th, 2014
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Click to go to Fantage's Official YouTube!

Check out this Q&A interview session with Michelle, the owner of Fantage’s Le Shop! Next time, we will be featuring your favorite secret agent from the Mission Center…Agent Scarlet! What questions do YOU want Agent Scarlet to answer in the next video? We would love for everyone to put their questions for Scarlet in the comments section! Be sure to leave your Fantage username with your question so we know who it’s from!

Click below to get to know Michelle! Leave your questions for Agent Scarlet in the comments section!

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