NEW! Instant Magic Codes + Pet-Locked Items!

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Love collecting pets, but hate to wait? Now, you never have to wait again!

Head on over to the Pet Shop to buy NEW Instant Magic Codes! Hatching pets instantly is really easy! Just go to  the Pet Shop located in Pet Town and click on the magic code catalog. Click the pet you want to own and select Instant Magic Code. Go back to your BARN and click on your Magic Code Basket. Set up your code and POOF!your pet will arrive instantly!

We’ve also released FREE items—Pet-Locked Items! If you have a pet, get a FREE item for that pet! Right now, we released items for the Pebbles and Cosmos families, but more will be coming soon! You can pick these freebies up in Downtown, Uptown, or Beach. Don’t qualify for an item? Simply collect that pet and then you will be eligible!

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