Let’s Go to the Summer Carnival!

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Experience everything kooky and crazy at our 2011 Summer Carnival!

Our 2011 Summer Carnival is in full swing from Friday (6/10) - Monday (6/13)! Four fun carnival-style games are set up at the Beach, a different game unlocking each day! Play fun carnival games like Spin the Wheel, Dunk the Clown, Break the Plates, and more. A working Ferris Wheel will be up in the Lighthouse as well that you’ll be able to ride! During the 2011 Carnival, fantastic limited items will be on  sale, plus new rare items! Dress up as a mysterious gypsy and magician and ride on a barely there smoke cloud. It will almost look like you’re levitating!

Let’s check out some of the Carnival Games!

Try to aim correctly and dunk Betty the Clown in the water! Be careful though…Jester likes to juggle in front of the target…hehe!

How many balloons can you pop with only a few darts?

Head on over to the Lighthouse to ride a huge real-life Ferris Wheel!

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