Pirates Vs. Ninjas: Who will win this age old battle?

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Arrrgggg, matey! Come one, come all to the Pirates Vs. Ninjas Party from 1/14 - 1/17! The age old battle between pirates and ninjas have come to a head…can you help your side claim glory by playing four challenging mini games? A new mini game will be available each day. Enjoy FREE prizes, as well as battle it out for Stars in our one and only Pirate Vs. Ninjas costume battle! Log in each day of the party to receive a cool medal to show off on your IDFone as well!

Do you have the strength? Can you defeat the other side? Find out in our one and only: Pirates Vs. Ninjas Costume Battle!

The latest in pirate and ninja gear are available at Wizard’s Domain! All you have to give Orion are a few black diamonds…

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