Now Released: eCoins!

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eCoins are now released!We have just released a very exciting new way of buying items on Fantage—eCoins! eCoins can be bought by clicking the “eCoins” button located on the Fantage homepage. Once you purchase them, they can then be used to buy any item in the Fantage shop catalogs (this excludes free and rare items). Let me tell you how to purchase, view, and use your eCoins, that way everybody knows how this new feature works!         

*What are eCoins?

- eCoins can be purchased by clicking the ”eCoins” button located on the homepage

- After purchase, you can use eCoins to buy ANY item in the Fantage catalogs

- You can check your eCoin balance on your IDFone                              

*Who can buy eCoins?

- All users (Premium and Regular) can buy eCoins

- Items bought with eCoins never, ever expire or become grayed out

SPECIAL BONUS: Premium Members get 2x the eCoins and 1,000 FREE eCoins!As a grand opening gift, all Premium Members get 1,000 new eCoins for FREE! Premium Members also get DOUBLE the amount of eCoins when they make a purchase! That is 2x the eCoins!

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