Not a Member? Use eCoins This Thursday!

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This Thursday, you will be able to buy ANY item in Fantage with eCoins!This Thursday (6/10), a new way to buy items on Fantage is arriving—eCoins! What are eCoins? eCoins are bought using real money which can then be used to buy ANY item in the Fantage world! All Fantagians can buy and use eCoins—no premium membership is required!

Premium Members who buy eCoins will get DOUBLE the amount! That’s 2x the coins for the price of one! Items purchased with eCoins also never, ever expire (even if you are no longer a member!). eCoins are also perfect for users who may not be Premium Members or don’t feel like working for regular Stars!

This Thursday, go to the Fantage homepage to check out new eCoins!



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