Thanks for the prizes.
they said that take them to a special place but where? the comet and co? is it mt. fantage? WHERE ...
when i get sad I get on fantage........................................
I took all the photos, now it wont give me the money? what do I do?
well you just lost a everyday player
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Autumn Festival & Reporter Updates!

October 10th, 2013
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pp_released.pngAutumn has arrived on Fantage! Fantage has transformed from a green summer paradise into a crisp, beautiful Autumn wonderland of fun! Log into Fantage on now to see how the once lush green has turned to crisp browns, red, and oranges! We have a cool reporter camera activity for you to take snapshots of Fantage in Autumn and win prizes at the end of the event. Go picking for pumpkins and win even MORE prizes on 10/17!

Everyone can become a reporter now AND everyone can save photos to their photo album! Why don’t you take a photo of the beautiful Autumn scenery?

Can you take a picture of all of these places in Fantage during the event? Win a prize at the end of the event for taking one of these photos! Win 5,000 Stars if you manage to take ALL of the pictures!

i made a video in fanatage
Harts and dazzel are for PM?! No way!
yay. I won 3rd but i spent all my ecoins in wizard domain.
The new emotions are so cool! When vintage gold gets released im gonna vot for bb blonde , pb, bp, ...
I love FANTAGE it's asome because there is a lot of stuff you can shop from.Fantage also helped me ...
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Express Yourself: New Avatar Actions are Here!

October 3rd, 2013
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Express Yourself! New avatar actions are now released! Get ready to express yourself in a whole new way with our newest set of avatar actions! Feeling excited, amazed, shocked, or embarrassed? Now you will be able to show everyone how you feel! Give your expression a whole new twist this Thursday (10/3)! Not sure how to use the new actions? Click the ACTIONS button on the main bar at the bottom to choose your action OR press 5~0 on your keyboard!

Want to win some COOL prizes? Create a YouTube video of you and your friends using the new actions! Then, send your entry to contest@fantage.com. The Top 20 winners will be featured at the Theater and the Top 3 will receive eCoin prizes!

bepretty where did you get your purple hair
i only got 2 tickets
OMG I LUV COOKIES! SO.......MUCH. o_o Anyway, I never did find the Cookie Man though. But that's probably a good thing because ...
Haha I never found the cookie man, but in the picture its hilarious how the cookie man is wanting you ...
COOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I luv cookies
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Click as Much as Possible…on Cookie Man!

September 27th, 2013
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Hey guys! You might have noticed a crazed Cookie Man running around Fantage during the event. How does one defeat the Cookie Man, you ask? When you spot Cookie Man, click on him AS MUCH AS YOU CAN until he falls down! He will get frustrated and burst Prize Tickets at you! Help one another and click together on Cookie Man whenever you spot him in Fantage! Have fun and win lots of tickets!

Click the Cookie Man MANY times as a group to make him fall and collect tickets!

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