Hey bubblehead247, I totally agree I thought of that before I even came to this page. I bet a lot ...
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Stars for Charity: Top Donators + Charity Info!

December 13th, 2013
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Congratulations, All of Fantage! YOU DID IT!

Our Stars for Charity event has concluded and, in total, Fantage has donated over 1 Billion Stars! Here is the information on how we will be splitting the pool of real funds among these three terrific causes. Check below to see which charities we are donating to! Don’t forget to also check out our Top 100 Donators, they really donated an incredible amount of Stars! Congratulations, Fantage! You all did an excellent job and because of you, the world will be a better place! :)

And now for the Top 100 Donators listing! You guys did an amazing job! :)

1. sunshine1j 2. __melanie__ 3. pinkstardust 4. nickwall 5. an_molly
6. chris_930 7. xandyahx 8. sammiii5457 9. mikasaya 10. sunshines1234
11. crystal19108 12. elizabeth1265 13. corey_coolness_9 14. julianna9301 15. 4ngelina08
16. cristina792 17. nikoli101 18. vincent333 19. danny_685 20. tiaryn
21. jennamoo_3 22. adrian10103 23. suna78 24. rainbowskittle15 25. 123cookies
26. iibexie 27. waterswanlake 28. cincin17 29. devx7 30. amy371
31. angel4ever2011 32. poppie21 33. sunny5455 34. naruto8853 35. princces188
36. icy78 37. jennifer7947 38. cherry_smoothie 39. poppien 40. dancer3306
41. samy0524 42. outerspace9 43. newone13 44. rasher 45. logan930
46. sabrina10000 47. ptran 48. lissie1212 49. selenarocks626 50. princesscynder
51. eshel2012 52. kate4528 53. michealorcutekid 54. bella21007 55. foreverball11
56. mgard1 57. bann381 58. kitastrofe 59. olivia7796 60. teal_deer
61. lillyflower1214 62. _bridget_ 63. yilume2 64. kat3c 65. afoos7
66. katy8989 67. pretty_devli_pie 68. 46bubbles 69. ripy 70. andrew3658
71. jenny_mai 72. aurora_3 73. madison_tyler 74. 143lynna 75. 69sonic
76. calyx713 77. brittanyluu10005 78. katrinia43 79. iceycycle91 80. dallascat70
81. drew4011 82. sokoolangel51 83. blq12 84. 1mommy1973 85. lea_rosie
86. lightning332 87. markitos5 88. trinitysa10 89. musicangle13 90. galaxycx
91. wenneh 92. snow4656 93. rasberry455445 94. hutch12345 95. catl2
96. bhanu15 97. crystal28113 98. miley0053 99. 909hope1 100. mdh78
I love Fantage, I've been playing since 2010 its AWESOME I love the farm its sooo cool and ...
I love Fantage, I've been playing for 4 years and now that they made the farm people who love gardening ...
HEY GUYS! hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year!
why are there bodyguards beside people?
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Fantage Farm: Now Released!

December 12th, 2013
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Attention Fantagians!

Think you have the best green thumb in all of Fantage? Here’s your chance to show off your gardening skills! Fantage has released a cooperative, fun farming feature accessible from your home! Head on over to your home to start growing crops now! Successfully grow different kinds of crops to level up the new Farm Medal, help friends, and earn Stars!

Check out how YOU can start harvesting your own crops and help  your friends!

If u love Fantage say I. I!!!!!!
Well I am writing this on my IPAD and just wanted to say happy new year to everyone on fantage.
hi I am new to fantage and I speak French so its kinda is hard to spell and read words ...
fantage its coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool #############################3
u r a fantastic age! merry christmas to every body living in fantage! I wish u the bests and I hope u ...
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2013 Holiday Special - Win a Fantage T-Shirt!

December 12th, 2013
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HAPPY HOLIDAYS FANTAGIANS! Give the gift of Fantage this holiday season! Take advantage of the special offers we have for you this holiday season! We’re offering star bonuses, eCoin bonuses, mystery gifts, and for select packages, a FREE FANTAGE T-SHIRT! Now through January 2, 2014, we will be offering two new membership and eCoin packages, which are eligible for a FREE FANTAGE T-SHIRT. Check out our payment page to view these amazing deals!

BRAND NEW PACKAGES! Receive cool free gifts!

Check out our special holiday promotion!

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