I wish they had trande 'n' sell back
Oh yahoo Jake I am not a girl but u look cute
If any one things I look cute write comment plz:)
U are cute Jake so cute
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Zombie Invasion: Coming Thurs. (10/24)!

October 21st, 2013
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If you thought last year’s Halloween party was the most incredibly awesome Halloween on Fantage ever… think again! This year’s Zombie Invasion party is going to be even more spooky and amazing! Lasting from Thurs. (10/24) - Mon. (11/4), watch as Fantage becomes infested with creepy, flesh-eating ZOMBIES! Zombies are loose in Fantage and with one touch they will turn you into one, so be careful! Carve your very own pumpkin using whichever pumpkin you chose during the Autumn Event to recieve a FREE prize! We will have more ghoulish haunts coming to you over the course of the event! See you then and don’t forget to wear a costume!

Stay tuned for more spoooooooky info soon!

Get more ecoins?! Yipppppppe!
hi fantage this halloween was the best halloween ever and btw remember to give back my lost items is... pink ...
HEY fantage this Halloween Was The Best Halloween Ever and btw remember to give back some items that i want ...
hello fantage
Hey fantage nice halloween theme i luv it! <3
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More eCoins for Premium Members!

October 21st, 2013
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Click to buy Premium Membership + eCoins!Greetings Fantagians! Whenever you buy our $9.99 & $19.99 recurring Membership + eCoin packages, you will now receive MORE eCoins! Why buy Premium Membership? When you’re a Premium Member, you will have access to all kinds of fun features! Receive awesome benefits such as access to all items in the shops, all pet families, and receive a FREE gift every month! Head on over to the Fantage payment page now and receive MORE eCoins for FREE with certain purchases! *Extra eCoins only applicable on Membership + eCoin package purchases*.

Click below to take advantage of Premium Membership and also get MORE ECOINS with certain packages!

Click here to buy Premium Membership & eCoins!

Why become a Premium Member? Here are the benefits!

wow! all these titles are making me go to fantage, then the theater and watch these videos. :)
i dt know how to make a movie plz tell me toooooo
Hi its me Sandra15344 ........ again ........ lmao xD Anyways .............. I ...
I want to write a story too
Hi!!! I am soooo excited about Vintage Gold... And YAH!!!! I want basketball hair and alll!!!!!!!!!! omg! thx soo much fantage... ...
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“Express Yourself” YouTube Contest Winners Announced!

October 16th, 2013
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The video contest madness isn’t over just yet… we’ve got the winners to announce! But, first we want to thank everybody for entering the “Express Yourself” video contest and for working SO hard on your videos. They were all super fantastic! It was so difficult to choose the winners!

Each winner will be awarded an eCoin prize! Take a look at the winning videos by heading over to the Screening Room at the Theater. Again, congratulations to all contest participants! Everybody did a great job!

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