Fantage is like just SOOOOOOOOOO awesome!!! I wish there was trade n sell,but ehh vintage is good too! Btw is ...
trade n sell back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fantage i love it.the charity event is very nice.i like that.
This was so cool!!!!
I absolutely LOVE fantage! It is like my FAVORITE online virtual game and i just love, love , LOVE IT! Thank ...
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A Very Fairy Feast: Now Released!

November 26th, 2013
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Are you ready for A Very Fairy Feast in Fantage? The annual Fantage Feast is upon us and Stella and Bella are busy getting ready! The only problem is that, unbeknownst to these twin sisters, a dark force has invaded Fantage by entering through the Zombie Portal. Orion calls upon the two sisters to do what must be done in order to vanquish the dark force from Fantage and save the feast. The only problem is…these girls just aren’t getting along! Each day of the event, a new chapter of the story will unfold. Click the PLAY MOVIE sign to watch the movies! Play fun games and buy magical limited items. Go to Mt. Fantage to play “Fairy Flight” or head to the Forest to play “Tree Trouble”!

Part 1 of “A Very Fairy Feast” is up on Fantage’s Official Youtube!

Bye the way, you cant take the bodyguards off. Im pretty sure that once you log out and dont come ...
Hi guys i don't want to be rude or anything but im just saying that i have had two times ...
I need help......idk what wujn means but im defo not a noob. Please help me xD ^.^
This is a kids game
Bodyguards act like stalkers they follow your every move......... Like Santa, He knows when your asleep and he know if ...
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New & Improved Fashion Show: Now Released!

November 18th, 2013
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Attention Fantagians! Are you ready to get your fashion ON?

A NEW and IMPROVED version of our classic Fashion Show game is now released! Get ready to dress your best and level up in an even greater way! We have a ton of stuff for you guys to check out. First off, we’ve revamped the look of Top Models Inc. and the stage area! For Beach Fashion Show, you no longer need to go to the Island because the host now has the option to choose a regular show or a beach fashion show right from Top Models! Hosts can now choose music selections from our new DJ Booth during a show. Want to level up? The new “Fashion Show Themes Medal” will have you leveling up each time you WIN a theme!

Are you ready to experience a brand new Fashion Show? Check out these new features!

so excited for the first christmas holiday event on fantage xDDDDD
Cant wait for a like, 3rd Christmas on fantage<3
im a level 367 I think
i love fantage its sooooooo much fun!
Early Merry Christmas Fantage!
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Double Star Weekend Extravaganza!!!!

November 15th, 2013
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Happy Friday Fantagians!

We have some exciting news! Play any single player game in Fantage this weekend (11/15-11/17) to receive DOUBLE the Stars! This means that you will receive 2x the normal Star amount on any of our minigames! We will be stocking our new Vintage Gold shop with awesome items over the weekend too so make sure to earn those extra Stars! Have a great weekend guys! *Double Stars does not apply for Secret Adventure, Fashion Show, and other specialty or multiple player games.*

Play some of your favorite games to get 2x the Stars all weekend long! Woo hoo!

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