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Carnival Bush Secret

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

Go me!!!Here’s a quick secret for litokiwi! Thank you for commenting! I do know how to get into the bush, but I don’t know how some kids are getting into the Ice Cream shop without going through the way I showed in a previous post. Its probably some kind of glitch, sorry I can’t be of any more help, but at least you have the bush secret!!! :D Now you can be a talking bush!



Carnival Bush Secret 1

Carnival Bush Secret 2

Furniture Tutorial

Monday, February 18th, 2008

Go me!!!Hello fellow Fantagians! Has anyone noticed the new furniture system? It totally rocks! You can change the size and direction of your furniture!! Now you can have even more variety in your room so you can really showcase your individuality!!! Totally sweet!!! I had soo much fun redecorating my room! I think I over did it though, my back hurts from all the strain of moving that heavy furniture around… Owch… I need a back massage now…



Furniture Tutorial 1

Furniture Tutorial 2

Furniture Tutorial 3

Furniture Tutorial 4

Furniture Tutorial 5

Furniture Tutorial 6

Furniture Tutorial 7

Furniture Tutorial 8

Furniture Tutorial 9

Furniture Tutorial 10

Star Cafe Secret

Saturday, February 16th, 2008

Go me!!!Hey guys! I totally found this awesome passage in the Star Cafe!! If you go through it just right, you can hang out behind the window and spook the people inside!!! Just make sure to watch behind you as well, Bond snuck up on me and scared me so bad I jumped out of my tiara!!! >:( I was so angry, and all he did was laugh at me!! I’ll get him back good, but I don’t know how… Any ideas??


Star Cafe Secret 1

Star Cafe Secret 2

Star Cafe Secret 3

Star Cafe Secret 4

Star Cafe Secret 5

Star Cafe Secret 6

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