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Rare Train Wheel Board!

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Attention Fantagians!

An animated Train Wheel board will be available today at Wizard’s Domain! Use this board whenever you are wearing one of your train accessories to complete the look of your train! Check out the animation below to see the wheels in motion.


You and your friends will be able to make a super long train!


All Aboard the Train!

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Attention All!

We have a special treat in store for all of you Fantagians! Orion is releasing 6 Rare Train accessories on Friday over at Wizard’s Domain, but if you think these are going to be just any ordinary accessories….think again! Each train is one piece of a longer train. Get together with friends who have the different train cars and form a really long train! Go and get your trains right away and see if you and your friends can form the best-looking train! This weekend only, take a photo of your outstanding train and send it to the Comet & Co. editor! If your photo is featured in the Comet, you will receive an Editor’s Choice medal!

Check it out! We are going to have more than two train cars…this is simply a preview!

New Stickers and More!

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Hi, Fantagians! It’s me, Static, reporting from the IDFone Shop. Tomorrow (Thursday), new goodies will be available at my shop to jazz up your Fone! This means NEW stickers, sticker sets, skins, sticker pages, wallpapers, and more! Let’s check out some of the new items.

Take a peek at some of the new stickers and sticker sets!

Here are the awesome new skins, wallpapers, and sticker pages!

Soooo cool!

Please let us know how you like all of the new items!

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