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Funhouse Frenzy!

August 28th, 2014
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Our Funhouse Frenzy event is now released on Fantage! Head on over to Beach to take part in our Funhouse Event! Use the funhouse mirrors to transform yourself into crazy sizes and shapes by standing in front of them! Try out the conveyor belt to zoom across the Beach and wear zany clown items!

Look at all of the Fantagians having a blast over at the Funhouse!

why do you will close fantage from 3am to 11am on thursday Are you going to bring out the old ...
Ummmmm wat is fantage log off idk wat it is das it mean that you can not play????TEL ME I ...
yo could you please make more clothes and hair at le shop and stellar salon, thank you
Fantage going to be offline maybe for ever cuz they didn't say the date that will be online if that ...
i just need friends
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Level Title Plates Released!

August 12th, 2014
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Head on over to Uptown or Downtown NOW to check out new Level Title Plates! Want to show off your title to everyone on Fantage? Now you can! Showcase your super high level and Fantage status by selecting either the 7-Day option or the permanent option. Selecting 7-Days, you will have a cool level plate on you for 1 week! Select permanent and it will never be removed. Want to unequip it? No problem! Just go to your plate inventory and click Equip or Unequip. It’s that easy!

Check it out on Fantage now!

i really want to see marsh melon!!!!
I love fantage
fantage is now to costly !! but its still my fav game
I wish that fantage do not have gold
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Q-Blast Jungle Run!

August 11th, 2014
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Have you tried our new Q-Blast map? Get ready to venture into the heart of the jungle with our new Q-Blast theme—Jungle Run! With this latest update, you are now able to play as a brand new character, Tegan the Tiger. You can also buy new blocking cubes that can be used to trap other players! Be careful though…the cubes will block everybody except yourself…even your own teammates! Check out the cool updates below.

Play as a new character Tegan the Tiger and also use new blocking cubes!

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